Pool Delegates

What is a Pool Delegate?

Pool Delegates are trusted investors who manage the Liquidity Pools on Maple. They earn fees by applying their expertise to privately assess the Borrower's loan request and set terms before lending from their managed Liquidity Pool.

Each Liquidity Pool is managed by a single Pool Delegate and the Liquidity Pool will only fund the Borrower if the Pool Delegate has agreed the interest and collateral ratio. These terms will vary depending on Borrower’s reputation, expertise and performance. Pool Delegates can use their own reputation and past Liquidity Pool performance to attract Liquidity Providers and top tier Borrowers to the protocol.

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Who can be a Pool Delegate?

A typical Pool Delegate will be a seasoned investor with domain expertise in the industry of the Borrowers they are assessing, for example trading and funds management or crypto mining. Early Pool Delegates will likely be asset managers, prop traders or ex-traders, CeFi lenders or market makers. Additional desirable skillsets include a knowledge of fixed income products, credit risk assessment and commercial banking.